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Penn State 45, Purdue 21: Improvement, but not Enough

Purdue managed to get points on the board but wasn't able to slow down Penn State.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue scored just as many points as it had in its past four conference games but it wasn't enough. We stayed within striking distance of the Nittany Lions through the first half. Raheem Mostert's 100-yard kick return towards the end of the first half made the score 28-14. Danny Etling ran one in to start the second half but that was the end of our scoring. Two sack-fumbles killed momentum on offense and eliminated any threat of a comeback in the second half.

Our rush defense had another sieve like performance allowing 298 yards. When Penn State wasn't running the ball down our throats we let Allen Robinson catch all the passes he wanted. Landon Feichter had a pick in the 4th quarter but we quickly turned it back over to Penn State.

Today's performance was an improvement but there are still too many mistakes being made. We had costly pass interference penalties in the 1st half and our defense could not get off the field on 3rd down as Penn State converted 10-12. On offense Danny has to take better care of the ball  and we have to to rush for more than 38 yards if we're going to win a game.