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Surviving Purdue Football Drinking Game Rules

It's been a rough season, and it doesn't look to be getting any better. Here's a drinking game to help you survive Saturday afternoons.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The red zone drought Purdue football found itself in for more than a month finally ended Saturday, but that doesn't mean watching the Boilermakers on Saturday's still isn't bad enough to sober up even the most intoxicated Breakfast Clubber. With that in mind, I present to you the rules of the Purdue Football Survival Drinking Game:


  • Every time the commentators refer to Purdue Pete or the Boilermaker Special by the wrong name (i.e. Boilermaker Pete), and/or refer to Purdue Pete as Purdue's official mascot.
  • Finish your drink every time you see someone on Twitter/Facebook/the comments section or hear someone around you say "The Boilermaker Special is our OFFICIAL mascot" or anything similar.
  • Every time the TV crew shows somewhere in Lafayette and passes it off as "Purdue"
  • Every time the announcer finds something good to say about Purdue. (i.e. Cheers to  NET PUNTING!!) (Credit to @munoz317 for this one)
  • Every time Purdue throws a screen pass
  • Every time the Purdue QB has pressure before he can even complete his dropback
  • Every time a bitter Bears fan mentions John Shoop's time in Chicago
  • Every time someone mentions Danny Hope's name
  • Every time an opposing fan is shown smiling in Ross-Ade Stadium
  • One drink for every point scored against Purdue
  • Three drinks for every Purdue field goal
  • Every time Rob Henry punts
  • Every time Purdue switches QBs
  • Every time Coach Hazell's fly sleeveless jacket is shown on TV
  • Every Purdue touchdown
  • Whenever Purdue enters the Red Zone.
  • Every time the opposition finds a wide open receiver on 3rd and five or longer.
This is just a starting point. Feel free to make it your own by adding and/or deleting rules, but let us know in the comments what you do. This way, we can all use your additions too.