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Ohio State At Purdue 2013: H&R Staff Predictions

Here are the staff picks for tomorrow's Purdue Harbor II: Urban's Reckoning.

Kirk Irwin

Time once again to see what the staff of H&R thinks will happen tomorrow, aside from pain, that is:

Thomas Chapman:

Just came across this email on my lunch break. my prediction is " :( "

Rachel Van Gessel:

The Blackout magic is going to be enough... for 3 quarters of the game. In the end Ohio State is just too good of a team to overcome. A quick start for our boys will be crucial and I think we'll get it. We'll trade blows with Ohio State but in the end the No. 4 team in the country will show why it's No. 4 and put us away. We've had the Buckeyes number in the past in Ross-Ade but we just aren't deep enough this year.

Our showing two weeks ago against Michigan State was encouraging in some aspects. Our offense, while it never generated any points, was more effective than most anticipated them being. Ohio State is good but their D isn't as stingy as MSU's. We also had glimpses of an effective running game. Hopefully Brandon Cottom will be good to go and will be able to hang in there for the whole game. This will take some pressure off Danny Etling and this will allow him to connect with DeAngelo Yancey, Cameron Posey, and BJ Knauf.
On the other side of the ball our defense will come up with the necessary stops to keep ourselves in the game. We'll produce enough pressure on Braxton Miller to force him into at least one turnover. Ohio State though is too explosive and by the end of the game will have worn us down and will put the points on the board.

If OSU hadn't slaughtered Penn State I would say that we'd win this game but the Buckeyes are coming on strong as of late. They've been able to close out the close games and after last week's showing in Happy Valley I'd say they're hitting their stride. Purdue 24 Ohio State 38.

Paul Branham, Pilot, Boilermaker Special VII:

In hopes that I continue my streak of being horribly wrong in predictions this season, Ohio State 45, Purdue 17.


We've got the Buckeyes right where we want them, in the sleepy ignored game on BTN in a half-filled Ross-Ade Stadium! The fans of the Bucks seem split on this game. According to some comments at Eleven Warriors they are up in arms that I would have the gall to say their perfect Buckeyes should even lower themselves to be in a game with Purdue. Others are optimistic, but at least view the recent history with a small amount of unease.

As fun as it has been to talk about Purdue Harbor II and the potential for a massive upset, I recognize Purdue's chances are very small. At least in the last two visits, where Purdue's defensive line has been dominant, the Boilermakers have had a semi-competent offense capable of scoring points. Purdue's offensive line would suddenly have to morph into a functional unit and the defensive line would again have to play out of its mind to even give Purdue a chance.

I hope to be very pleasantly surprised and that the bizarre hex over OSU in Ross-Ade continues, but this is the tallest test for said hex by far. We should get crushed, but I hope for a miracle. It has happened before. Ohio State 52, Purdue 10