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2013 Purdue Football: Bye Week 1 Open Thread

Purdue has the week off, so discuss the Big Ten games here.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It looks as if coach Hazell has been making some big time changes to the line up this week, trying to generate some excitement before the final seven games kick off. We know about Danny Etling to QB and Rob Henry to defense, but yesterday he mentioned that Ra'Zahn Howard, Evan Panfil, and Jake Replogle could see their redshirts end and get time on the defensive line. Clearly, the upperclassmen haven't been working, so if the freshmen give us a better shot at winning I say we try them out.

While many have given up on this season because of the 1-4 start, I think coach Hazell sees there cane be some wins there. The next two opponents in Nebraska (no defense) and Michigan State (no offense) each have major flaws, so maybe some progress can be seen there.

So let's discuss the rest of the year today here. I am in Miami at the Miami-Georgia Tech game today, but we have Penn State-Indiana, Michigan State-Iowa, Nebraska-Illinois, Michigan-Minnesota, and Northwestern-Ohio State to talk about.