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Indianapolis At Purdue GameThread

Talk about the start of the 2013-14 basketball season against Indianapolis here!

Michael Hickey

Purdue takes on Indianapolis in Mackey Arena tonight at 7pm. The game is not on TV, but you can watch via the Big Ten Digital Network for a small fee. BTN will broadcast the game on Friday, but you can either listen to the Clis through the radio stream or do what I am doing: follow along through GameTracker.

We should expect a win tonight, but I am most curious to see what the newcomers do. Purdue technically has six players on the roster that were not there a year ago at this time, plus Jay Simpson, who redshirted after a handful of games due to his foot injury.

We will likely see w wide variety of lineups tonight, as coach Painter has been known to play a large number of players in these exhibitions. I don't think any of the three freshmen will redshirt, however. Purdue has redshirted player for several years in a row now be it Simpson (2012-13), Donnie Hale (2011-12), Anthony Johnson (2010-11), Sandi Marcius (2009-10), or John Hart (2008-09). i doubt that happens with Bryson Scott, Basil Smotherman, or Kendall Stephens. Not when we're already down to 11 scholarship players.