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Robbie Hummel Likely Makes Minnesota Timberwolves' Roster

It has been a long road, but it looks like we might be able to finally call Robbie Hummel an NBA player

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Hutchens called him a role player at best by the time he was a junior.

The Demon Wood of Xibalba at the Barn shredded his knee.

His knee was injured again when the Golden Gophers came to town for football.

He didn't get to play in the Final Fours he was supposed to play in, nor did Purdue get the National Title it could have gotten.

He was a second round NBA Draft pick without a guaranteed shot.

He had to play in Spain for a season.

Finally, he had to scratch and claw through the summer league and training camp for maybe one open spot.

Through all that, he never complained. He just worked hard like a Boilermaker does.

That is why we can call him Robbie Hummel: NBA player today.

Yes, it looks as if the nervous waiting is over and that Robbie Hummel will make the final 15-man roster for the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday:

"I don’t worry about him not shooting the ball," Adelman said. "He does all the other little things on the court. He’s always in the right spot defensively. He gets those same shots, he’s going to make shots. I don’t worry about him missing shots. He just fits right in with the team he’s on, whether it’s the first group or the second group."

This is a great day for the former Boilermaker who has become a fan favorite from all he has had to endure. it also comes after the T-Wolves picked up the option on Derrick Williams, a player that plays the same position as him.

With E`Twaun Moore solidly on the Magic we just need to get JaJuan Johnson back from Italy. I do want to say that I am working with the Pacers to see if we can have another Purdue night when the T-Wolves come through Indy on November 25th. As soon as I have more details I will let you all know.