Annual Boiler Basketball Forecast 2013-14

It's just one week to the first exhibition game! Last season, USFBoiler is our BBBF (Best Boiler Basketball Forecaster) with 4.9 pts out of a possible 10 (avg among the 42 entries is less than 3). Who will win it this year? The deadline for entries (or any modification) is an hour before the first exhibition game tipoff. I'll summarize and share the consensus before the first regular season game. Thank you for your participation.

Here are the 10 questions and 1 tie breaker:

1. What is the starting lineup in the first REGULAR season game? (each correct player = 0.2 point)

2. What is the starting lineup in the first B1G Tourney game? (each correct player = 0.2 point)

3. How many wins? (Just the regular season, excluding B1G Tourney or any other post season games)

4. What place we finish in the B1G?

5. What will be our last game? Be specific such as B1G Tourney First round, Round of 32 in NCAA, NIT Final Four, CBI champ, etc)

6. Rank our 4 frosh by productivity (For simplicity, Productivity = TOTAL points + rebounds + assists + steals + blocks - Turnover; and yes, Simpson is considered a frosh)

7. Rank our 3 sophomores by productivity (Same definition for productivity as #6)

8. Rank the top 3 scorers (0.5 for getting #1 right, 0.3 for #2 and 0.2 for #3)

9. Rank the top 3 rebounders (0.5 for getting #1 right, 0.3 for #2 and 0.2 for #3)

10. Who is the breakout player of the year? (This is a bit subjective, but think of it as the player who outperforms general expectation the most, going from good to great, or from a bench warmer to a solid contributor, or maybe a 3* HS recruit making all-B1G frosh team. Think Ryne Smith in 2010-11, DJ Byrd in 2011-12, and Hammons/Sandi in 2012-13.)

Tie breaker: As a team, what will be our FT%?

I'd also like to use this opportunity to ask four more questions to get the fans' sentiment:

i) How would you define a successful season for this year's team?

ii) In order to achieve that success, what is the ONE critical factor that is absolutely the MOST important?

iii) What is the absolute minimum that you want to see from this team or else it is just unacceptable?

iv) Will Hammons go pro after this season?

Thank you for your input.

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