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Michigan State 14, Purdue 0 FINAL: Boilers Improve, But Fall Short

Purdue shows dramatic improvement, but it is not enough in a loss in East Lansing.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

That was certainly unexpected! We all came in expecting to be blown out and Purdue finally, FINALLY took at least positive step forward by being competitive with a very good Michigan State team. There is still a long way to go, but you cannot deny that there was at least improvement after looking so awful for all but about three quarters of one game (that being the Notre Dame game).

The defense played great all day (helped by Connor Cook not having the best of games) and the offense at least moved the ball, even if it had trouble scoring. Those were both things we could not say about last week (or really any week except Notre Dame).

Normally I am against moral victories, but this was a moral victory in the highest regard. A young team that was struggling in every way possible played its most complete game of the season. It is at least a step in the right direction.

So discuss it here. I will have the more formal wrap later on tonight.