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21 Days To Purdue Basketball: Kendall Stephens

The countdown continues with a look at one of our premier freshmen.

Today's player is going to be a huge asset to our offense this upcoming season with his ability to shoot the the three.

Kendall Stephens: Fr

St. Charles, Ill. (St. Charles East)

6'6", 193 pounds

Shooting Guard

2013-2014 predictions: contributor at guard

The number three prospect in Illinois, Stephens's main goal this year is to shoot the ball. Stephens' shooting will stretch the floor for driving lanes, create more room for the big guys down low, and, of course, help with our shooting woes. With 6'6" frame, Stephens has a high release which will make it difficult for people to block his shot, and will cause problems for other guards with his defense because of the length.

His senior year was cut short due to an injury to his shoulder, but during his junior season, Stephens averaged 17.7 points per game and 7.5 rebounds per game. Before he got hurt, he was averaging 19.2 points a game and was on pace for a big season. Stephens' dad, Everette Stephens, was a Purdue basketball player in the 80s and scored 1,044 in his career.

There are a lot of minutes up for grabs for a shooter like Stephens, and I think he has the ability, both offense and defense, to snag a good chunk of them. Stephens is going to be a fun player to watch, and it will be great to finally see Purdue hitting threes again.