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2013 Indiana High School Football Playoffs: Where Purdue's Targets Play

Purdue has three commitments from the state of Indiana playing in this year's state tournament, which starts on October 25.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Of Purdue's nine known commitments int he class of 2014, three hail from Indiana. Tonight the IHSAA held its draw for the six football classes and the state tournament. For those not familiar with the Indiana HS tournament, it is a little unusual compared to other states. For one, EVERYONE gets in regardless of record. The teams are divided into sectionals of 7-8 teams based on geography and there is absolutely no seeding. it is a blind draw each way, so a 9-0 team can (and often does) get drawn against another 9-0 team if they are in the same sectional, all while it is possible for two winless teams to play each other.

Also, this is the first year of class 6A, the new largest class. Basically, class 5A split into two classes, with roughly 32 teams in each. Classes 5A and 6A will mostly not be playing in the opening week of sectionals, except for the rare 5-team sectional necessitating a first round game.

Purdue has three players, as the current commitment list stands, playing int his year's tournament:

Class 3A

Kirk Barron - Mishawaka Marian

Class 6A

Drue Tranquill - Carroll (Ft. Wayne)

Gelen Robinson - Lake Central

Here is their draw:

Kirk Barron - The offensive linesman (and Lord knows we need them) is playing for a team that is 4-4 heading into its final regular season game this week, but last season they reached the Class 3A semi-state (state semifinals). Marian plays fellow 4-4 team John Glenn and will host the game (hosting is also done via blind draw. Marian (which is where btfu_crespo went to school) is the defending sectional champion and they beat John Glenn last season 42-40 in the second round of the sectional. Andrean is the likely sectional favorite this year.

Drue Tranquill - Carroll has hovered close to the Class 6A top 10 for most of the season and is 6-2 overall after a 56-0 blowout of Columbia City this week. After a 41-35 loss earlier to New Haven they need some help going into the final week of play to win a conference title. they face DeKalb (0-8) in the final weekend of the regular season before getting a week off because they are in the aforementioned class 6A. They drew a road game at Homestead (5-3) whom they have already beaten 51-34 at Homestead in week 7.Carroll is probably the small favorite and would likely face Warsaw in the final.

Gelen Robinson - Robinson's team lost its conference title Friday night with a 20-17 loss to Merrillville. They are now 6-2 and were ranked No. 10 in class 6A before last week. After a week off they will host Crown Point in their sectional. Lake Central already owns a 23-0 win over Crown Point at home in week 4. A victory likely assures a rematch with Merrillville in the sectional championship, as as Merrillville gets 1-7 Lafayette Jeff in the other game.