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Branden Dawson Punches Travis Carroll, Michigan State Doesn't Care

To add a bit of insult to today's loss against Michigan State, it appears Branden Dawson loves acting like a punk. Last year he had words with Matt Painter and this year he decided to treat Travis "Tacos" Carroll like a punching bag. If you don't believe me, let the video speak for itself.

Branden Dawson punches Travis Carrol (via mvfootball4)

Don't worry, though. Michigan State said they did not see a punch on video so nothing will happen to Dawson. I mean, the guy balled up his fist, wound up and swung. That certainly isn't a punch in my book. Then again, when hasn't MSU been lax on punishment. I guess the football team ideals are leaking over to the basketball side.

There is no need for this in basketball. I guess that since Carroll didn't drop to the ground, there is no need for punishment. That is simply laughable.

They still have to come to Mackey Arena and something says that will end up better for the Boilers.