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Boilers In The 2013 NFL Playoffs

Seven former Purdue players have a chance at winning a Super Bowl ring.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last season Rob Ninkovich and Niko Koutoutvides missed out on earning a first Super Bowl ring while Matt Light came up short of his fourth. Purdue did not add a Super Bowl champion despite several players making it into the postseason.

This year a few more guys have a chance at ring. Here are the guys in the NFL playoffs, starting with the Wild Card Round games:

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

The Bengals don't have any former Boilers on the team, but the Texans have Nick Mondek, an offensive tackle that was drafted this past season, on the Practice Squad. If you're looking for a rooting interest that is one.

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins

No one is on the Seahawks, but the Redskins feature Ryan Kerrigan playing a major role. The second year has become a major force on defense and will be tasked with chasing down Russell Wilson all day.

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Indy has no Purdue players on the roster, but Baltimore features Bernard Pollard starting in the defensive backfield with Ed Reed. Pollard is making his second straight playoff appearance.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Minnesota is another team with no Purdue players, but Mike Neal can get his second ring with Green Bay. He was injured when the Pack won it all two years ago, but has 11 tackles and 4.5 sacks this season in a bigger role. He is the only former Purdue player with a chance at a second Super Bowl ring this year.

Divisional Round Teams

Denver Broncos

Like John Standeford when the Colts won the Super Bowl, Greg Orton could get a ring as a rookie on the practice squad. He has yet to play in an NFL game despite hanging on with the practice squad since 2011.

New England Patriots

New England still has two played from Purdue after Light retired. Ninkovich and Koutouvides both will play a big role as well. Koutouvides is a regular special teams player, while Ninkovich led the team with eight sacks and five forced fumbles.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta currently has no Purdue players on its roster after cutting Ray Edwards earlier this year.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco has no Purdue players on its roster after losing Kory Sheets off of the Practice Squad a few seasons ago.

So there you have it. Six teams have a former Purdue player and six do not. If Baltimore, and Houston win this weekend Purdue is guaranteed to have a player in the Super Bowl from the AFC, while in the NFC our only hope is Neal in Green Bay and Kerrigan with Washington.

Good luck, gentlemen!