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The Rivalry: Indiana 97, Purdue 60 Video Recap

There was, indeed, blood alright...

The worst loss ever in Mackey Arena...

Yeah, it was that bad. From my seats near the top of the north end of the arena it was probably worse, as legions of Indiana fans taunted Purdue, and they had earned the right to do so. Among the choice gems:

"Hey, is this a high school game, because Purdue is playing like a high school team."

"We own Mackey" Clap clap clapclapclap

General overzealous applause anytime Will Sheehey did anything positive.

There is no other way to sugar coat it. Steve has the unenviable task of writing this one up more thoroughly, but I cannot sum it up better than calling it what it was: A good, old-fashioned passionate ass-whipping, the likes of which has never been done to Purdue in the 40+ year history of Mackey Arena.

Aside from A.J. Hammons, there wasn't a lot to say, but I did at least shoot a video on the way home: