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Boilermakings Is Raising Football Ticket Prices

Purdue Sports news, notes, and links for 1/29.


Good football coaches are expensive, and the Purdue athletic department is not having a bake sale or a car wash for that new contract that Darrell Hazell has. Instead, it is taking the time-honored path of even further fleecing its most loyal customers. At least, unlike in Mackey, you now have a choice of paying the Legacy Fee or not.

PURDUESPORTS.COM - Purdue Official Athletic Site - Athletics
The breakdown of the new Legacy fee program for Ross-Ade Stadium.

Bangert: First, you gotta Hazell your hat, Purdue; next up, the 'tax' to cover his salary | Journal and Courier |
Spending $2 million on a new coach buys a lot of buzz for Purdue football. So does dropping $16 on a hat. How Darrell Hazell already has started the 'Hazell Your Hat' phenomenon — and the road ahead as he works to put fans back in Ross-Ade Stadium.

Fran-Graphs, Purdue - Black Heart Gold Pants
Wherein Iowa plays one of the ugliest halves of offensive basketball this side of Northern Iowa, still almost wins.

The Top 298 for 2013 " College Baseball Today
Still a high rating for Purdue baseball in the top 298.

Madden 13's Super Bowl Player Ratings Update - SportsPickle Opinion
Is Bernard Pollard a serial killer?

Big Ten at Ten 1.28.13: Searching for a Villain - Off Tackle Empire
The Big Ten at Ten is searching for a new villain in the football landscape.

Big Ten Potentially Expanding, Moving to Nine or Ten Game Conference Schedule - Black Shoe Diaries
Big Ten Potentially Expanding, Moving to Nine or Ten Game Conference Schedule

How will a 14-team Big Ten look? It's still anyone's guess | Journal and Courier |
Interesting post here on future scheduling.