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2013 Purdue Football Recruiting: Antoine Miles

Purdue picks up another defensive linesman from Ohio.

A few months ago Randy Gregory, who had committed to Purdue out of high school and kept his commitment through two years of junior college, jumped over to Nebraska. Today, our Boilers got a player at the same position in return. We also get the bonus of getting him with four years of eligibility instead of the three that Gregory would have had.

Antoine Miles, a 3-star defensive end from Canton, Ohio, committed to Purdue today, giving coach Hazell his second straight day of getting a defensive linesman from Ohio. ESPN also lists him as a three-star player.

As far as what we're getting, here is what Husker Extra had to say about him when he was still committed to the Cornhuskers:

The kid is a physical freak. He's athletic and tall. He moves extremely well. He's very difficult to pass block because of his motor off the ball. He gets off the ball well. He's an impressive kid on tape and it shows on the field. He did more against us and gave us more problems than (Ohio State four-star commit Se'Von) Pittman. He's more athletic than Pittman because he's not as heavy. He was the top defensive end we faced. He gets after it.

Sounds pretty good to me! Here are some highlights:

Canton McKinley is one of the rare schools with a plethora of stats... except on defense. Still, McKinley was 8-3 this past season and he was a disruptive force on the end. His team only gave up 93 yards rushing per game and just 13 rushing TDs. He was interested in Kentucky and visited last week. The Kentucky site CatsPause gave his statistics as 73 tackles and 12 sacks.

Purdue is well known for quality defensive ends. With Ryan Russell only having two seasons left someone has to come in and be an eventual replacement. If Miles bulks up he could play on the inside as well. With a list of offers that included Kentucky, West Virginia, and Nebraska it is clear he has the talent to play at Purdue. It's time for him to match that talk.