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Boilermakings For 1/10

Here are your morning news and notes from the world of Purdue.

Joe Robbins

Purdue's Sam Ostarello on her big performance at Nebraska - Swish Appeal
Purdue Boilermakers senior forward Sam Ostarello had an interview with Swish Appeal about the game, the season thus far, and how Drey Mingo inspires the team.

Purdue missed a golden opportunity | JCOnline Blogs
Jeff Washburn's notes from Tuesday.

Official Ryan Potter Highlight Mixtape: The greatest recruit film ever -
You've seen every high school player's highlight video. You have not seen the best one, until now.

Final 2012 college football BlogPoll rankings: Alabama reigns, and 1 ballot breaks everything -
The Crimson Tide make a near-unanimous sweep of No. 1 votes in the final BlogPoll for the 2012 season. One holdout voted for Ohio State at No. 1, though ... and another voted for Colorado.

2012 college football review: The 20 weirdest games of the year -
It was a strange year for college football. Every year is a strange year for college football.

Boiled Sports: Let's talk about the kids for a a few minutes...
Boilerdowd has some excellent points on the growth of Purdue basketball.

Bracketology and the Big Ten - Off Tackle Empire
UM, Indiana pace the best conference in America.

Notre Dame football: Cures for your BCS National Championship hangover -
Why a hangover is a good thing for Notre Dame, who had a pretty nice party for most of the season.

The Ugly Blowouts: Iowa Wrestling Beats Ohio State, Purdue - Black Heart Gold Pants
Recapping the weekend that was for Iowa wrestling.

Arkansas State takes the GoDaddy Bowl 17-13 over Kent State - Hustle Belt
It was not without effort, and it was not without a great defensive line, but the offense had trouble executing and, oh, right, Dri Archer's knee injury handcuffed Kent State greatly.