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Hammer & Rails Blogpoll Ballot Week 2

It was pretty much a disastrous week in the Big Ten with five road losses and a home loss in a rivalry contest. I'll have more on that tomorrow in the Whistlestop Tour, but from the polling perspective it really could not have gone worse. Here is the draft ballot for this week's blogpoll. As usual, if you have any grievances, let me know and I can change it up.

Analysis after the Jump:

  • Arkansas takes the biggest fall, dropping out of the rankings entirely. Sorry, but when you're a top 10 OMG TOTALLY AWESOME SEC team and you lose at home to a 30 point underdog that has never finished with a winning record at the FBS level, you're out.
  • Consequently, welcome to the ballot, Warhawks!
  • I moved Oregon ahead of LSU because, as usual, the Ducks can score 40 points without breaking a sweat.
  • Arizona enters after an impressive home win over Oklahoma State.
  • Wisconsin and Nebraska barely hang on.
  • As usual, no Ohio State because they are ineligible. If you want to bitch, OSU fans, maybe you shouldn't have given your players a bunch of free tattoos.