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Purdue at Notre Dame: Second Half Open Thread

Halfway home and the only reason Notre Dame is on the board stems from a completely BS call. It is now legal to fumble the ball into the pylon for a touchdown, but if you are Robert Marve against Iowa last year or Dorien Bryant against Northwestern in 2005 it is a fumble and touchback for the other team.

I think all of us would have taken a tie at the half. Purdue will get the ball to start the second half. Kapron Lewis-Moore appears to be out for awhile, so keep pounding the rock with Akeem Shavers and put the screws to them with a score to start the half.

Your key stats:

Caleb TerBush - 6 of 11 for 52 yards, 26 yards rushing

Robert Marve - 6 of 10 for 53 yards and a score

Akeem Shavers - 37 yards rushing, 1 catch for 22 yards

O.J. Ross - 3 catches for 33 yards

Antavian Edison - 4 catches for 23 yards and a score

Purdue: 74 yards rushing Notre Dame: 18 yards rushing (293 last week)