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Boilermaker Football Week 2 Game Day Vitals: Purdue at Notre Dame

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Look at that mural in the picture to the left. To many, it might seem like a very beautiful piece of art. But, to me (and many other Purdue fans I'm sure), the Touchdown Jesus only comes off as a disgusting display of how crazed the Fighting Irish are about their football. I don't think it would be unfair to say that some Christians look up at that mural and use it to justify putting football before their God or faith, thus throwing their priorities all out of whack. And that's not good, now is it?

But, let me be clear. That above statement is merely my opinion, and this post is not intended as a religious rant. Far from it, in fact. I have no hatred in my heart for any human being based on their religious choice or any other personal, sentimental choice he or she makes in life. If a guy wants to worship his toilet, I say let him carry on in bliss, damnit!

However, what I do intend to rant about is far more disgusting than false idols, religious crutches or any other sort of pathetic crutch that people lean their shortcomings on. And that is Notre Dame football fans. Brainwashed into thinking that their favorite team is still an elite national football powerhouse, Notre Dame fans are spread across the contiguous United States, infected by the program's immoral, football-themed religious propaganda into making erroneous connections like "Well, we're Catholic and they're Catholic, so I guess we should root for them!" This horrifying practice can perfectly explain how so many Notre Dame football fans appear in Bloomington every fall. Or, you know, it could be the fact that IU football sucks so damn bad...but that is another issue entirely. Although few actually exist, true "Domers" tend to roam South Bend, Indiana with an entire consciousness that is stuck in the Lou Holtz era.

Ok, so maybe all of that stuff isn't quite that ridiculous. It doesn't change the fact that I hate Notre Dame football with every old gold and black vein that courses through me. And do you know why? Because my Purdue forefathers told me so! My alumni ancestors told me so! Hell, Neil Armstrong told me so! And whatever the first man to walk on the moon says--Lord rest his glorious, moon-trodding soul--should be recorded as scripture, god damnit!

As a lifelong Boilermaker fan and Fighting Irish hater, I have learned that this is what the greatest football rivalries are made of: blind faith and hatred forcibly instilled at birth. And this rivalry is certainly a great one. So, to glorify the intensity of the Purdue-Notre Dame football matchup this Saturday in South Bend, I say bring on the Irish, brandish ye black and gold hammers against thy enemy my brethren and may the better, more honorable football team and fan base survive the impending war!

But, of course, if you're just looking for the key information about Saturday's game, everything you should need is listed after the jump.

Opponent: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

2011 record: 8-5 (Lost Champ Sports Bowl 14-18 to #25 Florida State)

Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time: 3:30 PM ET

Location: Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, IN

Rivalry history: This is the 84th meeting for the Purdue-Notre Dame football rivalry, dating all the way back to 1896 and played annually between the two teams since 1946.

Series record: Notre Dame leads 55-26-2.

Current win streak: Notre Dame has won the last four meetings (two in South Bend and two in West Lafayette).

2011 Purdue-Notre Dame result: Notre Dame won 38-10 at Purdue.

Purdue's last win in the series: 2007, Purdue won 33-19 at home.

Purdue's last win in South Bend: 2004, Purdue won 41-16 in Notre Dame Stadium.

Ticket information: Tickets for Saturday's game can be purchased for $73.00 each at Notre Dame's athletic site here: You can also buy tickets to the game at StubHub. The cheapest tickets there are being sold for $71.00.


Radio: Purdue Sports Network (All 27 PSN radio channels that will broadcast the game can be found here).

Opponent blog(s): Notre Dame has quite a few sports blogs, but two of the most prominent blogs would have to be their SB Nation site OneFootDown and the independently-run NDNation. You can always also find a ton of info about the Fighting Irish football team at the official Notre Dame Athletics site,

Weather at kickoff: According to, the forecast for South Bend this Saturday is partly cloudy with a high of 71 degrees, a 20% chance of rain and 11 mph winds coming from the north northeast. Now, I understand that it's only Tuesday and the weather is certain subject to chance by Saturday. So, what I will do is keep a close eye on the weather all week and post any necessary forecast updates in FanShots.

Game Forecast: Purdue's next game against the Irish this Saturday will not be an easy win by any stretch of the imagination. Even though we played very well against Eastern Kentucky a few days ago, we still made a lot of mistakes that must be corrected if we want any chance of beating the Domers in their house. A blowout of Navy by the Irish in Dublin last Saturday doesn't really help many Purdue fans feel very confident about our chances, either. But, if the offensive turnovers and the crappy special teams play are fixed, if the defense can be as solid next weekend as they were last Saturday, and if Caleb TerBush can play at a high level against fierce competition in place of Robert Marve (who many fans felt should have been the starter for the game), the Boilers might just have a real shot at pulling off the upset on the road and bringing home the Shillelagh Trophy for the first time since 2007.

Prediction: Purdue shows up in South Bend ready to play and gives the Irish one heck of a football game. It's a classic thriller as Caleb TerBush starts at QB over Robert Marve and leads the offense to a very impressive overall performance with surprisingly dazzling individual play. The defense also comes to play and helps the Boilers win the turnover differential against the Irish. When the final whistle blows, Purdue has pulled off a classic upset in Notre Dame Stadium, winning 31-27 and leaving South Bend with the Shillelagh Trophy for the first time since 2004.

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