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Purdue's Unsung Hero: Week 5

This week's feature is not-so unsung and has become a household name the last 3 seasons.

Ricardo Allen records his fourth career interception returned for a touchdown, breaking the Purdue record. Just think, this man still has the rest of this season and next season to continue building up his career (assuming he doesn't leave early to go into the NFL).

Gary Bush also made some great plays today. He had 7 receptions for a total of 83 yards (11.86 yards per catch) and had 3 touchdowns this afternoon.

Purdue also got another interception returned for a touchdown in the 2nd quarter from Josh Johnson, that nearly sealed the deal for Purdue. That was until they allowed Marshal to come back in the 2nd half and only win by 10 points after having a 4 touchdown lead at half time (more on that in T-Mill's write up later tonight or tomorrow).

Next for Purdue, they take on the Wolverines of Michigan, who is currently on a bye week after their offense and Denard Robinson embarrassed themselves at Notre Dame last week. It's a 4pm kick off and will be on BTN. Don't forget your flashlights.