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Purdue Men's Basketball: Big Ten Releases Tipoff Times And TV Games

The Big Ten Conference released the TV information and tipoff times for more of the 2012-13 Men's Basketball season.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

In today's dispatches from the conference office news about the Big Ten Men's basketball schedule was released. We already knew the dates of most of the games, but the conference released the tipoff times and TV network assignments for most of the league schedule.

Let's get right to it:

January 2: Illinois at Purdue - 8:30pm - BTN

January 5: Purdue at Michigan State - Noon - BTN

January 8: Ohio State at Purdue - 9pm - ESPN

January 13: Penn State at Purdue - TBD - BTN

January 16: Purdue at Nebraska - 9pm - BTN

January 24: Purdue at Michigan - 7pm -ESPN or ESPN2

January 27: Iowa at Purdue - 3:30pm - BTN

January 30: Indiana at Purdue - 8:30pm - BTN

February 2: Purdue at Northwestern - Noon - ESPN2

February 5 Purdue at Penn State - 7pm - BTN

February 9: Michigan State at Purdue - 7pm - BTN

February 13: Purdue at Illinois - 9pm - BTN

February 16: Purdue at Indiana - 2pm - ESPN or ESPN2

February 24: Northwestern at Purdue - 1/4/6pm - ESPN, CBS, or BTN

February 27: Purdue at Iowa - 8:30pm - BTN

March 2 or 3: Purdue at Wisconsin - 3/5:15/1/4pm - BTN, ESPN, or CBS

March 6: Michigan at Purdue - 7pm - BTN

March 9: Minnesota at Purdue - Noon - BTN

So there you have it. only four games are definitely on ESPN or ESPN 2 nationally, with the potential for two more at the end of the season if we earn it. There are no CBS games unless the Northwestern at Purdue or Purdue at Wisconsin get picked up by the eye. That's fine with me. We'll play our most important games on CBS anyway when the tournament starts.

For the record, here is the Big Ten Tournament schedule too:

March 14: Noon and 2:30pm on BTN, 6:30 and 9pm on ESPN2

March 15: Noon and 2:30pm on ESPN, 6:30 and 9pm on BTN

March 16: 1:40 and 4pm on CBS

March 17: 3:30pm on CBS