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Change Is In The Air: The Debut Of SB Nation United

There have been some very big milestones in the history of this site. I started blogging in August of 2006 and in February 2009 I made the move here to SB Nation. March 2011 had the highest traffic days ever when everyone collectively lost their shit over the Matt Painter to Missouri Saga. The highest traffic month ever was this past February, which got a big boost from my coverage of Kelsey Barlow's ill-fated trip to Where Else.

Naturally, it has grown me behind a computer screen ranting. the site has gotten recognition from Purdue and the Big Ten to be at events. John, Alex, Andy, Juan, James, Michael, Steve, Myles, and Riley have become trusted co-contributors and have helped me out immensely. I cannot thank them enough and you guys enough for making this site so big that I couldn't possibly do it all on my own anymore.

So, it is with great joy that I announce the next major milestone which is coming very soon: SB Nation United.

Essentially, it is a massive re-design of all of the sites within the Network to make them more streamlined and integrated with each other. The team sites will have a feel more similar to the Regional sites and as king of the layout we'll be able to link stories together. No longer will a topic have post scattered here and there and pushed out of the front page. Soon I'll be able to link them together into story streams. During a game week everything will be able to be found in one story stream.

Individual sports can now have their own hubs and streams as well. Juan and James' volleyball work won't go hidden and pushed off the front by football anymore. Alex's baseball coverage and Michael's women's basketball writing can take a bigger place.

This change will be taking place very, very soon. You've likely already seen he new logo, but I will leave you with some screen shots to further tease your palate.