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Hammer & Rails Week 3 Blogpoll Ballot

Week 3 of the season saw some upsets, so there are some definite shake-ups this week. I am probably about two weeks away from invoking the undefeated teams rule for now, there are a bunch of undefeated teams that haven't played anyone (Texas-San Antonio, anyone?)

As usual, analysis is after the Jump:

  • Oregon moves to No. 2, mostly because they are still showcasing an offense that looks unstoppable. Who cares if they give up 30-35 points per game. They are breaking 50 without any trouble at all.
  • Ohio is a legitimately good MAC team that is a threat to go undefeated. Will it be enough to steal a BCS bid for the MAC for the first time ever? They need to climb int he polls to No. 12 or 18 if one of the automatic reps is lower. The SEC is likely taking two bid. So will the Pac-12. The Big Ten, Big East, and ACC don't have a second BCS worthy team, so Ohio, Notre Dame, and the Big 12 can fight out the other two. If anything, Ohio wants Notre Dame to lose and lose a lot.
  • Speaking of the Irish, I have to give credit where it is due. This is a legitimately good Irish team with a nasty front seven on the defense. That's going to keep them alive in a lot of games. I will now light myself on fire.
  • Conversely, Purdue is the only team that played them close and did it in their house. That is why I am putting us No. 25.
  • Michigan State took a big tumble for their virtual no-show at home on offense. The same for Wisconsin.
  • Northwestern is the only team in the country with three wins over BCS conference teams. Sure, they're against three bad BCS conference teams, but credit where it is due, again.
  • Once again, no Ohio State due to their bowl ineligibility. They are a paper tiger anyway once someone takes Braxton Miller away.