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Wednesday Three-Link Day

SB Nation has asked us to go above an beyond our normal links posts with some more in depth commentary on three network links every Wednesday. Let's start right in our own Big Ten, where according to Off Tackle Empire, the conference is on fire (not in the good way):

Power Poll, Week 2--What Type Of Fire Is Your Team Edition - Off Tackle Empire

As expected after disastrous week, few times are the good kind of fire. Michigan State begins things here with the flame thrower because they look like the one competent, complete team so far. Even Ohio State at No. 2 is a couch fire because of their uncertainties.

What is nice is Purdue sitting at No. 6 with the Saturn V ignition fire. It is the correct balance of potential for greatness as well as potential for disaster. Thankfully, they chose the Saturn V, which was successful in getting our own alums to the the moon twice, so I trust it. It's much more reliable than the N-1 rocket for the Soviets.

Penn State as the Tunguska event is classic.

MAC Power Rankings: Week 2 - Hustle Belt

Link No. 2 features our next opponent: The Eastern Michigan Eagles. The MAC has taken some early season beatings so far, but a few of the teams like Ohio and Ball State are playing well. Eastern Michigan is not one of those teams.the Eagles are 0-2 and the only MAC team so far that has lost to an FCS team. They rank ahead of Akron, who got blasted by Central Florida and lost to Florida International, and UMass, who is still new to the FBS level.

I know it comes off as cocky, but Saturday's game concerns me only if it is not a thorough blowout. We're facing a team that lost to a MAC team and an FCS by 17 points at home. There is no excuse for the game being close given the way we have played in our first two games. It is exactly what is needed: a game to work out the kind for Caleb TerBush and to integrate Rob Henry into a dual-QB system that actually makes a little sense.

Underachieving: What's Wrong With Big Ten Football? -

Bill Connelly is SB nation's excellent college football writer, and here he takes an in depth look at the Big Ten's struggles thus far. In this, he seems to have a lot of concern for Iowa, who hasn't exactly faced defenses amounting to the 1985 Chicago Bears so far, but they have one touchdown. Next they get a Northern Iowa team that took Wisconsin to the brink. This easily could be the FCS over Big Ten upset of the season.

Connelly is still high on Purdue competing for the Leaders Division title. Just beat Wisconsin and win the last five games of the year and things should work out.