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Robert Marve Injury Update: Of Course It Is A Torn ACL

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Do I even need to say it at this point? A few minutes ago Danny Hope revealed the news on his radio show that we all probably knew was coming, but were trying to deny:

Personally, I just feel sick to my stomach for poor Robert. As someone said during Saturday's Open Thread, Robert started college at Miami as a cocky high-profile recruit and eventually evolved into the ultimate teammate and leader. After a serious car accident, an incident in Coconut Grove, a quarterback sharing situation, a transfer, two knee surgeries, and another sharing scenario it looked like things were finally breaking his way. He played well enough on Saturday to finally settle the quarterback situation if the coaches would settle it.

Now this.

My heart goes out to Robert. He already has his Purdue degree, so it is my hope and prayer that he uses this year to take a major step toward a Masters and all the success a pair of Purdue degrees can give him. Officially, he has been ruled out in definitely. There are cases of guys playing on a torn ACL before (Dennis Dixon, Kara Patterson, etc.). He can't get a seventh year of eligibility, so since he can't tear it any more I suppose he could try to play, but it seems unlikely.

So, we turn to Caleb TerBush and Rob Henry now. The quarterback derby is settled as Henry was being used as more of a wildcat QB and his skills lend that element to the offense that can actually make it different. This is frustrating because it looked like Marve could really lead us to a special season at times this year, while TerBush and Henry have been a step behind him. It's time to trust in Caleb and Rob and hope they can get it done with an excellent defense behind them.