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Robert Marve Injury Update: No News


So far you guys know as much as I do when it comes to the twice-repaired left knee of Robert Marve. Marve was supposed to have had an MRI yesterday, but there was no announcement yesterday and as of noon today we only have the following reports:

Carmin is, of course, one of the best sources out there.

This is far from accurate and could be nothing more than Twitter hearsay. I trust Carmin more.

This is also fairly accurate, though I expect more information this afternoon. If I had to guess at all I would say that Marve is out for this week at least as a precaution. We should beat Eastern Michigan regardless of who starts at quarterback since they are coming off of a 17 point loss to an FCS team. Marve can sit this one out and we have a bye before our next game against Marshall.

It is the same knee that has already been repaired twice, however. It took a while to diagnose Ralph Bolden's third tear.

As always, as soon as I hear anything definite I will post.