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Purdue Vs. Eastern Kentucky: Danny Hope’s Torn Emotions GameThread

It is finally game day in West Lafayette, and much to the chagrin of Morgan Burke we are NOT kicking off at noon. A nice 3:30 kickoff is a good balance for alums that have to drive like me. We don't have to rush in the morning and we can still find a nice place local to watch the night games.

I am sitting in my usual seats of section 128, row 41 seats 10 and 11. Myles is on location in the press box. Other writers are scattered about the crowd.

Speaking of other writers, in a new tradition here at the site I am asking the other contributors to add a paragraph or two on what they think will happen in the game. I'll try to share this no later than the game's Open Thread this week. So, if you're not in the dampness that is Ross-Ade today, kick back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy the Boilers on BTN.

John Wadas:

With the forecast for today looking bleak, I am cheering for the ligaments of the Boilers and the Colonels alike. A non-noon start is relegated to a status of being nearly untailgateable. Isaac is the star of the show, and the Boilers win a slopfest 31-10.

Andy Bastnagel:

I think today's game against EKU will be a little more challenging than most Purdue fans would like to see. The rain will likely hurt the passing game and force Purdue and SKU to get it done on ground. I expect some early hiccups with Purdue's inexperienced linebacker core, although I think they will ultimately bend but not break. I can see Akeem Shavers and Akeem Hunt being difference, running for 80 yards and 60 yards respectively, and helping Purdue win 24-14.
Myles Madey:
The rain that is currently pouring in West Lafayette is tough, and it doesn't seem like it will let up. Damn you, Isaac! As John and Andy have said, expect both teams to plan accordingly and make mostly power running calls all game long. I think it wouldn't be too crazy to expect our one-two rushing punch of Akeem & Akeem, Attorneys At Law to go over 200 combined yards rushing on the game, with as many carries as they will surely get. Look out for Purdue to struggle early, namely our Linebackers, Safeties and O-Line--each starting multiple young or inexperienced players. And with the ball being extremely wet, I won't be surprised by a couple of fumbles by TerBush, Shavers or Hunt early on, either. But as the game marches along, there is no doubt in my mind that Purdue will grab the reins from Eastern Kentucky and start to run it down their throats. I am going to say Purdue wins 48-20.