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Purdue Football 2012: The Final Preseason Depth Chart

As recently as 18 hours ago the depth chart going into Saturday's season opener against Eastern Kentucky. Last second arrests to starting middle linebackers will do that, especially when it means they are likely be gone from the team in the very near future. Coach Hope himself has stated his future is in doubt:

That created an opening, but there are some other areas that coach Hope settled in this week's press conference. First and foremost, Beckford was not on the roster or depth chart for this weekend. Barring a miracle I think his time in West Lafayette is done.

As for the rest of the depth chart, here is how things look:


We've heard all along how all three of Rob Henry, Robert Marve, and Caleb TerBush will play. It appears as if Henry is a bit doubtful:

No offense to Rob, but three quarterbacks are not the answer even though technically we had games with three QBs last year with Justin Siller. TerBush is going to the start and we will see Marve. I don't like it, but we need to deal with it unless one emerges far ahead of the other.

Running Back

Pretty straightforward here: It is Akeem Shavers followed by Akeem Hunt. The real question is at fullback, where there has been no definite answer. Derek Jackson and Kurt Freytag appear to be the leaders with Brandon Cottom a possibility. Ralph Bolden is reportedly coming along well, but is still out this week.

O.J. Ross, Gary Bush, and Antavian Edison are 1-2-3 as expected. Danny Anthrop and Cameron Posey made the list as true freshmen here as reserves. Charles Torwudzo, Shane Mikesky, and Raheem Mostert are also reserves and will play. It should also be noted that quarterback Aloyis Gray is now a receiver, as expected.

Offensive Line

Kevin Pamphile wins the open job at left tackle with Justin Kitchens coming in as a reserve. Trevor Foy will be the right tackle, with Peters Drey and Rick Schmeig in the middle. Devin Smith and Cody Davis are still settling the right guard spot.

Defensive Line

There are few surprises with Kawann Short and Bruce Gaston as the tackles and Ryan Russell on the end. Jalani Phillips or Ryan Isaac are in the shifting four spot.


This and the D-line will shuffle personnel depending on the 4-3 vs. 3-4 formation, but Will Lucas and Robert Maci are on the outside. In the middle Antwon Higgs or Sean Robinson will replace Beckford.


Max Charlot, Ricardo Allen, and Josh Johnson are locked in as starters. Landon Feichter continues to impress at the other safety position and will split time with Taylor Richards.

Special Teams

Cody Webster is punting and Jesse Schmitt is long-snapping. The placekicker position is neck and neck between Sam McCartney and Paul Griggs. Both will likely play on Saturday as McCartney is more accurate but Griggs has the bigger leg. Thomas Meadows will kickoff and may battle at kicker as well.

Overall this looks like a solid group. There is plenty of depth and only a few positions do not have a definite No. 1. Unfortunately, one position without a definite No. 1 is only the most important one on the field. I guess we just have to pray that we become the first team to be truly successful with two quarterbacks playing.