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Dwayne Beckford Suspended Indefinitely After Monday Arrest

Long time, no posting y'all. I wish it was coming under better circumstances. For the very late crowd, Danny Hope announced that starting senior middle linebacker Dwayne Beckford has been suspended after a Monday arrest. Not exactly good timing with the first game just six days away.

If I am Danny Hope, I boot him off the team tomorrow. He was allowed to come back after an earlier arrest and how does he repay the team? He gets arrested. Absolutely boneheaded and there is no excuse for it. There are no details yet but you HAVE to avoid situations like this.

I am sure that T-Mill will have something more substantive in the morning but I would assume he is sleeping right now. I imagine that most Purdue fans share my rage right now. This team has the chance to maybe do something special and one of the senior "leaders" does something this selfish. It is an absolute embarrassment to the guys and to the fan base.

And with that, I bid you adieu. For more ranting from yours truly, check out this angry Beckford rant.