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30 Days To Purdue Football: Thomas Meadows

With just 30 more days left in the countdown we are about to encounter an array exciting players that are going to be enormous difference makers on this team; whether they be returning seniors or incoming freshmen. Today's player is one that could end up having a big role to our success on special teams down the road. But for now, he will more than likely end up as a red-shirt.

Thomas Meadows - Fr.

Hometown: Goochland, VA (Goochland High School)


6' 1" 180 pounds

2012 Projection: Possible Red-shirt

When researching Meadows, I have to say that I was a little letdown that the best mascot his high school could come up with was a bulldog. A bulldog, really? When you're in a town with a sweet name like Goochland, you should definitely think of something with a better name, like the Goochland Gargoyles. Now that's badass. Or a Goliath. Bulldogs are just so generic.

Anyway, Meadows enters Purdue as a 3-year varsity letter kicker. His senior season he averaged 41.2 yards per punt, a long of 53, and dropped 13 for 26 inside the twenty. He was also a 2012 Ray Guy high school All-American, as well as first team all-district, first team all-region and all-metro. As you can see, Meadows had a pretty solid career with plenty of honors in high school. But with all these he still only came out as a 2 star recruit.

This year looks like it will be a season of learning and practice for Meadows as he will more than likely red-shirt because of our depth at kicker; he currently has 5 guys ahead of him on the depth chart. I think a year of practice is the best thing for a guy like Meadows. Scouts rave about how he has a fast leg and is very accurate at a young age.

I've also read that Meadows is very confident in his kicks and handles pressure well. At a young age you definitely want to see that in a kicker. He has good strength with his kick, but could definitely get strong for the college game, and he could also work on getting his punts to hang a little longer. But again, with a red-shirt year under his belt this will come in due time.