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2012 Summer Olympics: David Boudia Makes It Old GOLD And Black!


Purdue will finish the 2012 Summer Olympics with three medals out of four competitors. Lauren Sesselmann has bronze with Team Canada in women's soccer, while David Boudia started things off with a bronze in the Men's 10-meter synchronized diving competition. David struggled yesterday and barely made the semifinal competition by finishing 18th, the last spot in the prelims to advance to the semis.

Well, David saved his best for last.

Boudia was third in this morning's semifinal round and was .15 behind Great Britain's Thomas Daley for gold and tied with China's Bo Qiu for silver going into the last round. David's final dive was an unbelievable 102.60 and he brought home the gold medal.

That's why Purdue is the Old GOLD and Black.

Boudia's six dive total for the finals was 568.65. He won the gold by less than two points over Qiu, while Daley was third.

Boudia's gold medal is Purdue's first Olympic gold since I have no idea when. Ray Ewry's 8 gold medals at the turn of the 20th century was, of course, impressive, but memory escapes me as to anyone else who has gold. Congratulations to David for bringing this home, and I can all but guarantee he will lead SHOUT at one game this fall for football.