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54 Days To Purdue Football: Jack De Boef

After typing out the whole post, I accidentally deleted everything. It's been one of those kind of days. Anyway, today's player is a big reserve and a project that we have been working on, and hopefully it pays off because this guy has a lot of promise.

Jack DeBoef - So. (RS)

Hometown: State College, PA (State College HS)

Offensive Tackle

6'7", 287 pounds

2012 Projection: Reserve on Offensive line

Since redshirting his freshmen year, Jack De Boef has gained over twenty pounds, and now has an idea of what it's like to play in the Big Ten and what is expected out of Purdue football players. At this point, he is listed as a backup to Trevor Foy and Justin Kitchens. I think both those guys are lock ins for tackles, but you never know what could happen with injuries or performance once the season starts.

There is a strong chance that De Boef does see more playing time this season just because he's enormous and if we want him to be something his Junior and Senior seasons than he needs to get more actual game experience.

In high school, De Boef played center and was a team captain his Senior year. It never hurts to have natural leaders on a team, and it seems like De Boef is that kind of guy. He was also being recruited by Michigan State, Maryland, NC State, Temple, and South Carolina before choosing Purdue.

De Boef is also active on twitter. Give him a follow: @DeDutchMan54