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55 Days To Purdue Football: Brandon Taylor

Today's player is the son of NFL legend Lawrence Taylor. However, I'll always remember Brandon as the really big goofy guy in my sign language classes who thought he was the funniest person ever, which led me to believe he was as funny as he thought. One time I saw Brandon at the Union and he came up to me to ask if I wanted to get some cookies, but before I could say anything he just started laughing out loud and then walked away. To this day I still don't really know what happened, but it was hilarious.

Brandon Taylor - Jr. (RS)

Hometown: Aventura, FL. (Dr. Krop HS)

Defensive Tackle

6'1" 280 pounds

2012 projection: Reserve at defensive tackle.

Not only is he a pretty goofy guy, Brandon Taylor is an amazing back up to have to Kawann Short and Bruce Gaston. Taylor always takes advantage of his playing time and has racked up 23 total tackles and 2 sacks his first two season. He has experience at getting in the back field now, and look for him to capitalize on that this season.

Taylor could also take some snaps as an defensive end when we move to a 3-4, which he is perfect to play. Taylor has a large frame but is also pretty quick for being 280 pounds, making him a match up nightmare for offensive linemen. Brandon is also a great student, majoring in movement and sports science, and has always been a kind of school comes first guy; he was on the National Honor Roll Society member twice in high school.

Reserves like Brandon are amazing to have. Having a player be able to come off the bench and be a play making threat is something a lot of teams can't take claim too, and it will especially be good if Short or Gaston are feeling gassed. Plus, Brandon's nickname is BLT, which is classic. Guys like Brandon are easy to root for, and look for him to see more playing time this year; he's going to be huge for once Short graduates.