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59 Days to Purdue Football: Cody Davis

Well, it is finally here. A very happy 4th of July to the fans and readers at Hammer & Rails! Hopefully, no one is lighting any fireworks or starting any bonfires tonight, so as to not obtain a hefty ticket from the 5-0 or incite a devastating, out-of-control wildfire!

As sad as it is that we can't blow up small portions of our country in the name of its own damn greatness, let's hope you are all taking alternative modes of celebrating, including staying cool or eating your ass off and drinking lots of beer--which is certainly how I celebrated. I mean, truth be told, what is more American than that?

On top of these widespread, epic and often ridiculous festivities in calling our nation another year older, today Hammer & Rails moves right along with the football kickoff countdown. It is effectively 59 days to the start of the Purdue football season, so I am glad to have a look at #59, the Center Cody Davis.

Cody Davis - Jr. (RS)

Hometown: Spring, TX (Klein Oak HS)


6'5", 286 pounds

2012 Projection: Backup at Center

Cody Davis is another interesting story within the 2012 Purdue football squad. After an absolutely stellar Texas high school career as a Defensive Tackle, Davis committed to Purdue then redshirted his freshman year and made a dramatic switch to Center. After settling into his new surrounding, it unfortunately took Cody some time to develop. He did not see any playing time in 2010, and was used largely as a reserve while seeing limited playing time last season. To be blunt, Cody Davis might not yet be a name many Purdue football fans immediately recognize. But that can all certainly change this year.

Coming into his third eligible season as a Boilermaker in 2012, Cody looks to greatly expand his role on the offensive line this fall. While it is probable that he will not the starting spot yet, he is expected to spend this year as the immediate backup to Rick Schmeig, who is more than likely going to be named the starting Center come kickoff on September 1.

Yet, Davis still has a great opportunity in 2012 to expand his role and see much more playing time as he works his way into the O-Line rotation, whether he is relieving Schmeig or also contributing snaps at either of the Guard positions, which could also be a possibly. The best thing for Cody, however, is that he is the guy who will be immediately waiting in the wings should something unfortunate happen at all to the starting Center, whether it be an injury or poor performance. Knowing that he may be that close to getting called up into the starting rotation and finally seeing his golden opportunity, hopefully Davis is preparing as much as he can this offseason to possibly accomplish what he has been working so hard for the last few years.