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Boilermakings Is Remembering Sean Matti

There are no links today. I am reserving the morning links post for one somber moment. One year ago Sean Matti, a fifth year senior walk-on at running back, went missing in Lake Freeman north of Lafayette. His body was found in the lake two days later, having accidentally drowned.

In the months following Purdue honored Sean by having his parents walk on Senior Day, putting his number on every helmet, and all the other things that a school does when a player is taken much too soon. Today we remember Sean and his family.

Sean's dad also did an exclusive with the site last year out of appreciation for what we do here in focusing on all members of the Boilermaker family, not just the stars. Technically, Sean never played a down for Purdue, but he was still one of us. Here is just a small part of what Frank had to say:

Sean worked hard both in the classroom and on the field. Frank stated how he would often out-lift offensive linesmen, and how he could out-eat them as well, especially at the local Chinese buffet (which was afraid of him coming because of his appetite). Sean knew that as a walk-on it wasn't good enough to be equal to someone on scholarship. He had to be better. That was Sean's goal because it was the only way he would earn more playing time. Coaches and players have said, "When we did a drill going through the gauntlet for a ball-security drill, NOBODY stuck their hand out when he ran through because it was like a semi-truck running through".

So if you have a quiet moment today, please say a prayer for Sean's family, as they are still very much grieving the loss of this wonderful young man that was also part of our family at Purdue.