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Hammer & Rails: Live at Big Ten Football Media Days 2012

Every year, TMill gets invited to the annual media conventions for the Big Ten Conference located in Chicago. However, after spending a week in Colorado and away from work recently TMill is not able to attend this year. Luckily for him though, I was called upon to take his place and represent Hammer & Rails at the convention this year.

I will be spending today and tomorrow at McCormick Place, hearing Big Ten Conference administrators and the 12 football coaches speak on many of the pressing issues related to each school, football program and the conference as a whole.

Tomorrow I will have the privilege of participating in round table interviews with each of the Big Ten football coaches. If you folks would like, i would be more than happy to ask the coaches questions on your behalf and report back with their responses later on. So, for those interested, just leave an appropriate, respectful and thought-provoking question in the comments of this post along with the name of the coach who it is directed at and I will try my very best to get an answer from that individual and report my findings.

I will also be live tweeting the event today from my Twitter handle: @MylesMadey. So feel free to take a look at my Twitter page anytime today or tomorrow to keep yourself updated with everything related to the convention and Big Ten Conference news.

And lastly, look out for the recaps I will publish about each day of the convention tonight and tomorrow night.

As I prep myself to leave for Chicago, only one thing left to say. BTFU!