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2014 Basketball Targets Emerging Even Higher

Just when you think you've got basketball recruiting figured out. It begins to twist and turn in every direction imaginable. The class of 2014 top targets are very clear. However, it's a matter of getting a pledge. The two highest members of the wish list for Coach Painter and his staff are Keita Bates-Diop and Vincent Edwards. Competition is stiff for these guys. But, when is not for these types of prospects. If you want to catch big fish then chances are you'll have to beat out some sharks. KBD is blowing up as truthfully as I expected. In the last 24 hours Oregon and Marquette have thrown their names into the hat to see if they can get in the mix. I still think it's will take a lot to take Purdue and Michigan off the top of this race. But, the longer it goes. The better shot other teams will have to familiarize themselves with prospects. The talent that KBD has can be watched every time he touches the ball. He's so fluid with his stroke. His pull up jumper is lethal. However to me his offense is just a small part of what you get with this kid. His defense is picking up in a big way. His wing span stretches a long ways. He blocks a lot of shots around the perimeter and changes pretty much every shot that comes in his range. He covers a lot of ground very quickly and when he has the ball near the rim. As of late, he will try to poster who ever may be in his path.

Vincent Edwards is the guy that to me fits the mold that Purdue fans will love to watch. His handle is solid. One great thing about him I've watched him do is rebound. He has a knack for tipping rebounds to himself in traffic. He's a guy that can rebound in his area or out of it and take contact and still get to the ball. That's huge for a prospect. Purdue has been in this from the very beginning for Edwards. Wisconsin and Michigan have been watching Edwards closely. West Virginia has told him that as soon as he makes a campus visit. He'll receive an offer if he hasn't already. He's a guy that will fit certain systems better than others which other scouts and coaches have talked about. I believe West Virginia and Purdue have the system in place to fit him best. Huggins has done great with versatile "point forward" types. Such Devin Ebanks and Kevin Jones most recently. Purdue...Well I'm not even saying the name because those of you that know me all know how much I despise player comparisons.

The third target is a bit more unclear. Purdue has been paying a great deal of attention to big men as of late. Sean O'Mara is the latest to receive interest from the Purdue staff. I have not watched O'Mara since this spring. He's not the most athletic guy in the world but when I watched him I can see why he's receiving high major interest. He's long and runs the floor very hard. When I watched him he probably beat the other team down the court like four times for breakaway dunks. He has yet to receive and offer but it wouldn't surprise if he got one.

Purdue has watched several other guys for that third top target spot. Tyler Wideman is a guy that still stands with a Purdue offer. His only one. We'll just have to see how much long he waits this out. Purdue may throw in to the Jae'Sean Tate race but I wouldn't like their chances there. Trevon Bluiett is a player that Purdue continues to track very closely. The dude can flat out score. He's a kid that has always been rumored to be a very strong IU lean but if that's true. I'm not sure I understand why he hasn't popped yet. I have been one of the guys to say I severely doubt he'll end up at Purdue so I'm sticking to my guns in that one till proven wrong. Jordan Barnett is a kid player from St. Louis that may be a prospect to watch. He's a long athletic wing that has a great mid range game. He plays for the St. Louis Eagles which is a program Painter has close ties to from his Southern Illinois days. So we'll see. Bryant McIntosh is another kid to keep tabs on. He's been playing extremely well. Just not sure how he'd fit into Purdue's plans. Sam Logwood is a kid that may fit the under the radar bill. He's a high flying wing that can leap with the best of them. Rumors were flying around that he may end up at LaLumiere Academy instead of Lawrence North. If he does make the move it would seem to be a move where Logwood could flourish with his athleticism with their up tempo type game.

This will wrap up the 2014 update. This weekend I'll be in Fort Wayne getting another look at the Illinois Wolves targets and several other guys there. Should make for an exciting week of updates. Later this week I'll take a look at the 2015 targets. If you have some questions. Tweet me @markodascout .