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H&R Road Trip: T-Mill Does A Public Service

Today is my last full day up in Breckenridge, but Thursday afternoon I performed a public service to get rid of a critical piece of Central Colorado propaganda. About 13 miles south of Breckenridge on State Road 9 is a mountain pass on the Continental Divide that service as the border between Summit County and Park County of South Park fame. This pass carries an awful name:

Hoosier Pass

The video did not come out as well as I thought it would, but I hiked the trail to 700 feet above the pass so I could conquer the pass and take it back for all Boiler-kind. In order to help the video, I added some pictures that showed its new name.

Yes, Hoosier Pass has now been reclaimed as Boiler Pass, taking it over after my recent conquest. Sorry I didn't have a better marker to make the new sign show up, but my vandalism is a public service.