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Boilermakings Is Appealing For Calm

So I saw yesterday that one reader decided to go after Myles for his stance on Patrick Bade's recent shenanigans. Let's all calm down, people. I feel Myles did an excellent job in saying what we were all thinking: namely that Patrick was being a royal dumbass. Myles didn't go over the top and he is being a wonderful new voice at the site in addition to Steve. The main reason they are here is because you readers have made this site so popular that I can't possibly do it by myself anymore. It has honestly been nice to step back for a few days and rest this summer.

So keep on doing what you're doing, guys. The month of June had over 250,000 page views and it was the slowest month of the past 12, but before that it would have been damn near a record high.

Meanwhile, here are some links to start the week:

What a playoff means for the Big Ten - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
A four-team college football playoff is now a reality. So what does it mean for the Big Ten?

Centerville football player 'turns tables' with Purdue selection
More on Jake Replogle choosing Purdue.

Robbie Hummel: Drafted By Minnesota Timberwolves In 2012 NBA Draft : Court Crusades
Robbie Hummel was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 58th pick. Is Back, Joins FanSided Network - Purdue Sports
Hello readers! After a seven-month posting break, has returned to fulfill all (er... most) of your Purdue Sports news needs.

Kara Patterson earns second trip to Olympics | Journal and Courier |
Former Purdue standout Kara Patterson nearly became the first to win five successive national titles in the javelin since Kate Schmidt (1973-77).

Wolves Select Purdue's Robbie Hummel With 58th Pick In 2012 NBA Draft | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES
More from the Timberwolves on the Hummel selection.

Robbie is off to Minnesota!