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The Boston Boilers Are No More


According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports! The Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets have worked out a sign and trade that will send SG/SF Courtney Lee to Boston and F/C JaJuan Johnson and PG E'Twaun Moore to Houston. It's hard to say what will happen to JJ and Smooge in Houston since The Rockets are making a huge push for Dwight Howard and are constantly working on different trade packages.

I'm not super tore up about this, but at the same time I think it sucks because what better mentor to have for a player like JaJuan than Kevin Garnett, who is built almost exactly like JJ. The move makes sense for Boston as they just added former Ohio State Buckeye Jarred Sullinger and former Syracuse Orange Fab Melo. Moore's point guard skills would only go up being behind Rajon Rando too, and I'm sad to see that he won't have him as a mentor anymore. Although, Rando's attitude sucks so at least Moore won't have to deal with that. Plus, The Houston Boilers doesn't have the same ring to it as Boston Boilers.

Both JaJuan and E'Twaun Moore have been doing extremely well this summer in the Los Vegas Summer League. Moore had an amazing performance Monday night against The Chicago Bulls where he scored 25 points on 10 for 19 shooting with 6 rebounds while JJ had 7 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 steals.

The odds of both JaJuan and E'Twaun getting drafted by the Celtics was crazy, but what an amazing story it was. It's awesome that we get to continue to see them grow up together in the NBA.

I wish them both the best, because getting traded in the NBA isn't an easy thing. Here is a fantastic article on that describes what it's like to be traded through the player's perspective.

Hopefully JaJuan and Smooge are able to find a home in Houston, and maybe someday Robbie, Smooge, and JJ will all end up on a team together to win an NBA championship. I can dream, right?