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Cornerback Sean Collins Dismissed From Football Team

Can't say we didn't see this coming, amIrite?

Head Coach Danny Hope has dismissed Sean Collins after the junior cornerback was arrested early morning on July 14th outside of Where Else? bar. Collins' charges include public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery. He is accused of hitting Holly Fullerton, a 22 year old from Monticello.

Collins joined the Boilermakers as a walk-on in 2009 and hasn't played a game. He will not be missed and should not for these actions. We don't need guys like this on any of our teams.

The recent arrests around Chauncey Hill are starting to draw way too much negative attention to Purdue athletics, and it's something that needs to be addressed with all of the athletes. If you Google Sean Collins, you'll see articles in the Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, & ESPN. The dude is all over the place. I've always taken pride in the fact Purdue has avoided athletes doing stupid things that have drawn national attention. Looks like everyone is trying to make up for some lost time.

Hopefully with the dismissal of Kelsey Barlow from the basketball team earlier this year and Sean Collins' recent departure, our athletes will get the message that they need to cool it down with their drinking and make better decisions.

I get it though, I'm in college too. I love to go out and have fun with my friends and let's be honest, there isn't a lot happening in West Lafayette other than the bar scene, which is minimal. But there is a point where you have to take responsibility for your actions and act like an adult. I'm extremely frustrated with the negative image these recent arrests are giving the athletic department, and more so my university. To you knucklehead athletes who keep getting arrested: stop it, you're making Boilermakers all over the place look bad.

It's a shame that it took an incident like drunkenly punching a woman in the face like a total douche bag to get someone kicked off the team for intoxicated antics, but hopefully this is the end to the saga of Chauncey Hill arrests. Collins' troubles with the team are officially over. Now he must wait and see what he will have to face with the charges against him.