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Welcome to the Fold: Myles Norwood

This might be a little bit late, but I am drowning in NBA news at my other job. Wednesday, the Boilers added another player for 2013 in the form of Myles Norwood. The 6'2, 175 pounds wide receiver is the 7th commit for the 2013 class.

Norwood makes his bones at Grace Prep in Arlington Texas and plays on both sides of the field. I know at one point he played cornerback but made the switch to offense recently. Nothing wrong with adding a guy who has a bit of versatility. The way that Purdue tends to burn through players means a guy like Norwood has extra value.

Last season, he hauled in 47 passes for 1,010 yards and 16 touchdowns. Sounds like a true deep threat to me and that is something the team has been lacking for a couple of years. The team has had the ability to throw short to intermediate routes, but the deep ball is not a big weapon. I think that Norwood and Austin Appleby could become a big threat with that.