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Rod Woodson Inducted Into The SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame


It is with great pride that I can announce the Hall of Fame induction (sort of), for Rod Woodson, the great Purdue defensive back from the 80's. As we all know, the real college football Hall of Fame has yet to induct Woodson, likely because they have the intelligence of my shoe (the left one, my right one is quite crafty). SB Nation has decided to do its own Hall of Fame, and if you'll remember, I submitted five candidates from Purdue a few weeks ago. There will be a fan vote for a few more inductees later on, but five offensive and five defensive players got named by the committee as lock candidates. Yesterday, Woodson was one of those five defensive players:

There was a Woodson among the two unanimous choices for defensive backs by our selection committee, but it might not be the Woodson you think -- instead, it's Purdue's Rod Woodson, who had his own great career about a decade before someone with the same last name won the Heisman Trophy. Woodson becomes the first defensive back inducted into the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame.

It is awesome that Woodson was one of the unanimous selections for the SB Nation Hall of Fame. He joins the following players that have been "inducted" this week that have yet to go into the real HOF:

Desmond Howard - Michigan

Mike Singletary - Baylor

Dwight Freeney - Syracuse

Bear Bryant - Alabama (coach)

Orlando Pace - Ohio State

Ozzie Newsome - Alabama

Randy Moss - Marshall

Ricky Williams - Texas

Vince Young - Texas