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Boilermakings Is Celebrating Mediocre Recruiting

Several Indiana basketball fans have stated Purdue's basketball recruiting is "mediocre" despite pesky things like "facts" getting in the way. The 2012 class was a top 20 nationally, while the 2013 class is currently top 10. As you'll see in today's links it is pretty good according to some:

2013 College Basketball Recruiting Team Rankings - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and RPI Rankings
Well look at this! Purdue's basketball recruiting, described as "mediocre" by IU fans, is better than Indiana's OMG WE HAVE THE BEST RECRUITING EVER!!!! class.

Ranking the Big Ten coaching jobs - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Our week-long series on college football coaches continues with a look at the best jobs in the country.

Early Week 1 preview: Purdue - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
ESPN only gives Purdue a 66% chance of beating Eastern Kentucky. Ouch.

If You Can’t Have a Bye, You May as Well Have Purdue | Her Loyal Sons
Apparently we're a bye now for Notre Dame, but I tend to agree since our defensive strategy against Cierre Wood is "Wait until he gets tired from running."

Purdue helps with space station project
Students from Purdue University and North Carolina A&T have been selected to design and build an experiment to be conducted on the International Space Station.

College Baseball Insider - Your Home for College Baseball
Doug Schreiber is up for a National Coach of the Year Award.