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Boilermakings Is Talking College Football Playoffs, NBA Draft

Well, college football finally has a playoff, and it will not matter one iota for Purdue except for the following ways:

  • We pull off an upset of an undefeated Big Ten team and deny them a bid in the championship game.
  • We upset Notre Dame
  • God smiles on us and we run to an unprecedented 1-loss season or less as the Big Ten champion.

Other than that, it is still bowls or nothing for us. Purdue should have a reasonable goal of at least being competitive for a division title once every five years, thus being our best shot at reaching a playoff. We simply do not have the name recognition to get in without at least a Big Ten championship, and do to that we need a divisional title. considering we have exactly one 10-victory season in program history and it came when I was an infant, I am not holding my breath.

There are plenty of playoff tidbits today, however, beginning with this SB Nation production:

Along with more playoff links, tonight is the night we get to see Robbie Hummel all growed up:

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