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67 Days to Purdue Football: Peters Drey

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67. That is the number to mark how many long, smoldering days we Boilermakers must now wait until the Purdue Football season kicks off. So, as a way to ease the pain and/or boredom (depending on how you look at it), today we continue to inspect quite a fortified offensive line that will be put to the test this fall. And a major factor towards whatever successes the Purdue offensive and O-Line will achieve this year certainly rests with its veteran Left Gaurd, #67 in black and gold, Peters Drey.

Peters Drey - Sr. (RS)

Hometown: Mobile, AL (McGill Toolen HS)


6'6", 310 pounds

2012 projection: Starter at Guard/Center

If ever we were to discuss things like ingenuity and tenure on the Purdue offensive line, Peters Drey would certainly be included in the conversation. A three-star rated Alabama prospect out of high school, Drey redshirted his freshman season in 2008 and then appeared in all 12 games as a reserve at Center the very next year in 2009. Furthermore, during his sophomore campaign in 2010, Petes finally got the starting job at Center and played nearly every snap for the Boilermaker offense. And although the following offseason saw him move to Left Guard, Drey once again played virtually every snap in the eight starts he recorded before he fell victim to a nagging back injury.

This is where The Legend of Peters Drey leaves us; a tenured, proven offensive lineman who is enters his senior season, his final hurrah, but has not seen the field since suffering an ailment nearly eight months ago. It would seem that with his track record, Drey need not prove anything to anyone on the football field. But, unfortunately for #67, his health and toughness are certainly in question, or at least cause for some concern or caution on the part of the coaching staff.

Barring injury--and that is key, barring injury--Drey is an animal in the trenches who is a surefire starter on the 2012 O-Line, a major contributor to all things "offensive success" and a guy Danny Hope has praised for being a five position offensive lineman. So, in a vacuum, Petes is definitely expected to start every snap of every game in 2012 and anchor an O-Line that might surprise many and help bring great successes to the entire Boilermaker offensive unit.

After reading some reports coming out of Purdue's spring and summer practices, it looks like Drey will stay at his new Left Guard position in 2012 as Rick Schmeig is expected to take on the starting Center duties for this year's squad. Fortunately, Drey is another guy like Schmeig who is very talent and versatile at multiple positions along the Purdue offensive front. So, wherever you see #67 line up this fall, know that he will play that spot with skill, athleticism and heart to the core. Big things are clearly expected from Drey in 2012, and I can't help but believe he is willing and able to deliver the goods.

Follow Peters Drey at one of the most epic Twitter handles in all of West Lala: @PetesNasty67