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Welcome To The Fold: David Yancey

Purdue football has picked up number three for 2013. David Yancey, from Lake Central, committed to the team over the weekend. He played quarterback last season, but will be making the transition to running back. That is the position he plans to play at Purdue.

Yancey picked Purdue over Wisconsin, Iowa State, Georgia Tech and others. Not exactly a bad offer list. At 6'1, 205 pounds, Yancey will have to get a bit stronger before he is ready to play in the Big 10. However, it never hurts to have running backs. As we have seen, they get hurt or they transfer. Such is college football.

I like this pickup, simply due to the versatility that Yancey can bring to the table. He has played quarterback, so a couple passes out of him in college would not be unexpected. Danny Hope loves his flexibility and I think his eventual goal is to have an offense made out of former quarterbacks. Give him another three years and it could probably happen.

He joins Danny Etling and Randy Gregory in the class of 2013 and it is shaping up to be a good one.