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Welcome To The Fold: Ruben Ibarra

Apparently we are still rolling in football recruits as Ruben Ibarra, a JUCO linebacker from City College of San Francisco, has joined the Boilermakers and can play this upcoming season. Nothing wrong with having a lot of depth to go forward with.

Ibarra was the leading tackler on the national title team last year. Not exactly a bad resume for the kid. He comes to West Lafayette with decent measurables 6'2, 230. He also runs a 4.6, which isn;t outstanding, but its workable.

I found it great that we were not even listed on his Rivals page as a choice, so it looks like the Mustachioed Machismo and his rowdy gang for recruiters were able to land another three star guy. You can rag on Danny Hope all you want, but the guy can recruit. Manage a game? Eh, the jury is still out on that.

I see no reason why Ibarra shouldn't be playing in 2012. He might not start right away, but if he plays like he did last year, I am not sure we have the guys to keep from starting. If he makes the most of his chances, we might end with a pretty stout defense next year.