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My Favorite Purdue Sports Highlight

When Samsung and SB Nation contacted me for this campaign about my favorite sports highlight my choice was an easy one. It was easily the most defining moment in this history of Purdue football:

WAIT! That's not it (though sadly, it does sum up Purdue Football quite well).

I was referring to the famous Brees-to-Morales play:

I don't think there has been a happier moment in the history of Ross-Ade Stadium. Just a few plays earlier we had seen Drew Brees make the absolute worst throw of his career. Then, he fixed what he broke with his best.

Honestly, I don't remember seeing Seth Morales score. I just remember seeing the ball in the air and begging Seth to catch it. He was so wide open I just knew he would drop it. After the moment he caught it all I remember is white noise. I think I passed out from joy as it was total bedlam at Ross-Ade. Naturally, I was in the middle of the field rush a few minutes later once the game was secured.

You'll be hard pressed to find something better until coach Painter wins our first National Championship, but what are your favorite highlights?