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78 Days to Purdue Football: Trevor Foy

My apartment no longer has cable and internet. Because of this loss, I've missed out on a lot over the past few days. Here are some of the more important ones to note:

  • Game 2 of the NBA Finals (Which I manage to catch the 2nd half of. Thank you, Harry's)
  • France vs England & The Netherlands vs. Germany in the Euro Cup
  • Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants threw MLB's 22nd perfect game.
  • And most importantly, I just now learned that Chris Brown and Drake got into a fight at a club over Rihanna after Drake gave CB the bird. Now that's comedy

One thing that hasn't been slowed by me living in the stone ages is my excitement for Purdue football. Today marks 78 days till the Boilers hit the gridiron. We are about to enter a stretch where we will be covering a smorgasbord of other players, and not just tight ends and defensive linemen. Welcome to the first official offensive linemen post of The Countdown to Purdue Football.

Trevor Foy: Jr. (RS)

Hometown: Louisville, KY (St. Xavier HS)

Offensive Tackle

6'7" 287 pounds

2012 Projection: Starter at offensive tackle.

Trevor Foy will play a key role in our offensive line this upcoming season. He is our biggest offensive tackle, and has a great beard (Note that he may have shaved from this past season, so the last part of this sentence could be irrelevant). But in all seriousness, Foy has the tangibles to be a great pass blocker, and having received some playing time, his skills as a linemen have nowhere to go but up.

Foy originally came to Purdue as a fantastic defensive end. He was on a nationally ranked high school program, and nominated to multiple all-state teams, including the Associated Press' all state team in Kentucky. It seems like Foy could have blossomed into an incredibly defensive end with his high school numbers...but I mean hey, it's Danny Hope's team so God knows what could happen to a player.

Projected to be a starter, Foy has the body and frame to toss opposing defensive linemen around like hotcakes. One thing that is good about his transition from d-line to o-line is that he knows how to think like a d-end, and therefore could be able to foresee certain rushing situations that others may not. Foy hasn't received much of the hype that Jack DeBoef has gotten, another up and coming offensive linemen, but this appears to be the year where Trevor Foy breaks out of his shell and helps make an impact on this Boilermaker team.

Trevor Foy is active on Twitter as well, so give him a follow: @Tfoy87